What our recent recruits think – Brittany Green

12 May 2022
News, Legal Assistant

We have been on a huge recruitment drive as our business has grown over the past two years. So, we have gathered the thoughts of several recent recruits to give any potential applicants an insight into what it is like to apply for a role and to join our team.

First up is Brittany Green who joined our Conveyancing team as a Legal Assistant in January 2022. We asked Brittany:

Why did you decide to apply for a role with us?
I’m from Chester and want to qualify as a solicitor locally. Cullimore Dutton was always on my radar, and I was already aware of its strong reputation. I was following the firms’ social media and saw a recruitment post on LinkedIn which led me to the careers page on your website. The Legal Assistant role in Residential Conveyancing really interested me so I applied.

How did you find the recruitment process?
Really straight forward and simple. I submitted my CV and cover letter just before Christmas and was invited for a Zoom interview with Director and Head of Property Sarah Davies and Managing Director Andrew Wright in early January. Andrew and Sarah were both really friendly and were open about what Cullimore Dutton could offer me.

The process was also really quick, my interview was held within a week of Sarah contacting me and I was offered the role the following week, starting three weeks later.

Brittany’s story is an impressive one as she is midway through her law degree having just completed her second year. The fact that Brittany was prepared to take on the role with all the associated pressures alongside her degree studies is testament to her ability and competence. Sarah has also shown a huge amount of faith in Brittany by offering her the role alongside her studies, but she is confident that Brittany will succeed in both.

I was very open with Sarah and Andrew about the fact that I am still studying, but that I was very keen and eager to join Cullimore Dutton. The support I have received has been amazing. Sarah and the team have been really accommodating around my studies, allowing me to be flexible with my hours switching between part-time and full-time when I have needed to focus on my studies.

What have you enjoyed so far about our business and your role?
I’ve enjoyed settling in and getting to know my team, everyone is really friendly and approachable. As a team we work hard, but all get along and the environment is friendly and relaxed. It’s great to be in a real legal environment while studying the theory at uni, everyday I am seeing the direct correlation between my studies and the law in practice. I’ve loved getting to grips with my role and where its fits into our team. One thing which I have really learnt is managing client relations and developing trust and a rapport with clients. This is something that you can’t really study, you can only learn those skills through developing real relationships with clients.

What have you learnt that will remain with you throughout your career?
The importance of being in a team and playing your part to ensure everything progresses as it should. I’ve always thought of myself as a team player, but until you are part of a legal team and you see how much is actually going on at any one time, you don’t fully understand how vital yours and everybody else’s role within the team is. It’s crucial that your team communicates well, something which we are really good at!

What are your hopes and ambitions for your career?
To qualify and become a solicitor. I feel that I have taken a great first step with this role.

Join Brittany
We are currently recruiting for several positions, so if you are interested in joining Brittany and the rest of our team visit the careers page of our website where you will be able to view our available roles and apply.