Knott another blog: Developing a working relationship with the boss.

19 August 2020

By Jesca Knott, Paralegal, Family Law Team

Having a good working relationship with your line manager is so important. I am very lucky to be working so closely with our Head of Family Law, Brenda Spain and assisting her on such a variety of family law cases.

Hi, I am Jesca Knott, I recently joined Cullimore Dutton as a Paralegal in the Family Law team and I’m sharing these brief insights into life as the new girl. Today, in part three of this series, I discuss how my working relationship with Brenda has developed.

Despite lockdown, there are some essential elements to developing, building and maintaining a successful relationship between Brenda and I – something which has been a priority for Cullimore Dutton. 

Face-to-face interactions
A challenge during this pandemic, but vitally important. Brenda and I have had daily Zoom training sessions which have not only taught me so much but have enabled Brenda and I to get to know each other. 

A return to our HQ at White Friars is being planned, when this happens, Brenda and I will share a large office (at a social distance of course). This interaction will provide me with invaluable access to Brenda and her experience and will make day-to-day training much easier.

Planned meetings and events
I have joined several online seminars and digital brunches, enabling me to meet various barristers, solicitors from other firms as well as other paralegals and trainee’s, this in turn has helped me to begin to build my own professional network. 

In addition, I have also “sat in” on a number of client consultations. It has been invaluable for me to see at first-hand how Brenda interacts with her clients.

Recognition and feedback
Receiving feedback from Brenda is one of the best ways for me to learn, be that constructive criticism or recognition for good work, all of which has helped to build my confidence and highlighted areas where I require further training. 

Asking for regular feedback has been very much encouraged. 

Use of technology
In the current climate, technology could not be more important. Having multiple channels of communication has allowed Brenda and I to speak regularly and has brough some sense of normality to a strange situation.

Being included
The whole team at Cullimore Dutton have been very welcoming and I have developed a great understanding of the business and its culture, despite not yet spending any significant time on-site.

Since I joined, I have felt included in future plans and discussions about new initiatives, all of which has made me feel like one of the team and very much part of the business. 


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