Knott another blog: A new job in lockdown

29 July 2020

By Jesca Knott, Paralegal, Family Law Team

Starting a new job is both exciting and daunting for anyone. However, starting a new job from your living room is an entirely new experience altogether!

I am Jesca Knott, I recently joined Cullimore Dutton as a Paralegal in the Family Law team and over the next few weeks will be sharing these brief insights into life as the new girl. Today I share my experience of starting a new job in lockdown.

When I found out I had been offered a position at Cullimore Dutton, I couldn’t wait to join the team, meet my new colleagues in person and begin working at a new desk in my new office. 

Then Coronavirus struck! 

The pandemic has disrupted so many aspects of our lives, for me, it had a huge impact on the experience of starting in my new role.

Having only recently relocated to Chester, I’ve been keen to discover all that the City had to offer. The past few months in lockdown have made this rather difficult but it is great that I can now get out and about to see the City, even if only in a socially distanced way.

Adjusting to a new environment, fitting into the culture and getting to know colleagues are all part of joining a new team, under lockdown video calls, telephone calls and plenty of emails have replaced one-to-one contact. The whole team have been really friendly and supportive, and I have begun to develop some great working relationships – even if we have not yet met in person.

I have found it fascinating to work alongside solicitors with such considerable experience, and on cases with so many challenging and absorbing legal issues, I have learnt so much in my first few weeks alone.

One thing I’ve definitely learnt is that remote working is made much easier when you are part of a supportive team who are genuinely passionate and invested in the work they do. 

I am looking forward to getting into the office (whenever that may be!) but for now Cullimore Dutton have made my on boarding experience a really positive one, in spite of the challenges which lockdown posed.


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