Resealing Grants of Representation in England and Wales

If a person passes away domiciled in one of the current or former Commonwealth countries, leaving assets registered in England and Wales, it is often the case that the asset holder here will not recognise the Grant of Representation issued out of that country. Fortunately, where someone passes away domiciled in a country to which the Colonial Probates Acts 1892 and 1927 apply and a Grant of Representation has already been issued in that country, then an application may be made for that grant to be resealed in a probate court in England and Wales in order to administer the estate. This is usually less expensive and far more convenient than beginning the whole process again in the England and Wales.

The Colonial Probates Act Application Order 1965 provides a complete list of the countries where Grants of Representation can be resealed here. Some of the countries and territories included are:

  • Australia
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Fiji
  • Gibraltar
  • Hong Kong
  • Jamaica
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka

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