Contentious Probate

Sadly, disputes can often occur when a person’s estate is dealt with after they have died. Often people are unhappy with what they have been left and wish to challenge a Will or they do not agree with the actions a person’s executors are taking and wish to contest the way they are dealing with the estate. In many cases, a dispute can centre around the amount of provision a spouse, civil partner, child or financial dependant has received. Disputes like this are often referred to as ‘Contentious Probate’.

This can include, but are not limited to:
  • Claims that someone has not received ‘reasonable provision’ 
  • How an estate should be divided when there is no Will in place
  • How a Will has been interpreted
  • Whether the person’s wishes are correctly stated in the Will
  • How assets have been distributed
  • The value of assets, or
  • A dispute between executors or beneficiaries.

The legacy left by a loved one is a significant thing. It is important that you feel it is being dealt with in line with the deceased’s wishes and in a way that’s fair to those who are to inherit. 

Estates will include property, investments, insurances, possessions and much more so, can be very complex and of great value both financially and sentimentally. 

If you feel that your loved one’s estate is not being managed correctly and you want advice on how to proceed, then we can help. 

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