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Our team of expert family solicitors know that the decision to separate or divorce is a difficult one and that appointing a solicitor who will be a true advocate for you throughout the process is essential.

Currently there is only one ground for divorce; that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. That has to be proved by using one of five facts which currently are:
• Adultery
• Unreasonable behaviour
• Two years separation
• Five years separation or 
• Desertion 

Spring 2022 will see legislation come into force that will dramatically alter Divorce Proceedings in this England and Wales. The only basis for divorce will be that the marriage has broken down irretrievably, there will be no provision for blame and no provision for contesting the divorce.  

If you have decided to separate but have not yet reached any final decision about the marriage or divorce, we can advise on a Deed of Separation and more importantly whether that is appropriate in your circumstances. We can also advise you on any implications there may be if you decide to divorce in the future.

Financial aspects 
Regardless of whether there is dispute over any financial aspects, or even if you are in agreement, it is always important to ensure the correct procedure is followed and a binding agreement reached.

Both parties are expected to be open, transparent, and honest and to provide full details of their respective financial situation. Without this, it is impossible to negotiate, mediate or come to any agreement. Putting together this financial information whether for negotiation or court process needs experienced guidance to ensure all relevant issues are covered.

Even when you are in agreement, it is still crucial that the agreement that you have reached is approved by the Court. To be final and binding this has to be within a divorce and not a separation. If not, it is considered “open ended” and can lead to future applications and challenges being made against your assets. Even where matters seem relatively straightforward, or there are no significant assets, it is still crucial to ensure that the process is followed correctly. 

Some cases may become more acrimonious. Disputes may arise regarding assets being in your partner’s name which can potentially lead to the sale or disposal of an asset, putting your financial position at risk. 

We can provide emergency advice on the protections you can put in place and in situations where the Court becomes involved, guide you through the process, including the factors that a Court will take into account and those it will not.

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