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We are trusted advisors to second, third and fourth generation families in the region. We act for many of them on commercial as well as private legal matters.

Our open and friendly culture means we quickly build strong and lasting relationships with our Clients. After all, our Solicitors, their support teams and our in-house Independent Financial Adviser deal with the most intimate relationship, family, property, commercial and financial issues. We hold your trust in us dear. This is just one reason why Cullimore Dutton Solicitors has long been the family law firm of choice for generations.

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Life is indeed a roller coaster. And it’s a fact of life that we have to deal with distressing and difficult events from time to time. For a discussion about how we can help at those times when you really need the sympathetic ear of a knowledgeable expert, simply call one of our friendly and professional team today.

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“I would not hesitate to recommend Cullimore Dutton to my friends. I have received professional care throughout.”