Family Law Embraces Technology

14 April 2020

By Susan Alexander , Consultant Solicitor, Family and Mediation

This is a very challenging time for everyone, but it has been astonishing to watch how quickly the family justice system has adapted to virtual working.

The Rule of Law and the right to a fair trial are fundamental to our British society and as key workers charged with supporting the administration
of justice, it is our duty to ensure that people continue to have access to justice. All family lawyers will have experienced an upsurge in enquiries
due to lockdown as parents struggle to see their children and the stress of being together 24/7 in a confined space puts intolerable pressure on already
shaky relationships.

Courts and lawyers throughout the country have had to adapt to different ways of working to help people needing legal remedies to achieve justice. Client
consultations and settlement meetings are now being dealt with by video conferences. Court hearings are taking place over telephone conference and
Skype. Mediations are also being held by video conference.

So, life goes on and once the lockdown has ended, I hope that we can take the best of these developments to improve access to justice. However virtual
working is no substitute for the gravitas and solemnity of appearing in court. Although professionals are getting to grips with it, the feedback from
lay people has been less positive, reporting that they feel excluded and that they are not a part of the court hearing. For that reason, I do not believe
that virtual court hearings will become the norm after lockdown. However, they will help to reduce the expense of interlocutory and directions hearings.

Full court hearings are still needed for hearing evidence.

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