Can I include digital assets in my will?

15 June 2023
Kainat Jones, Solicitor

Can I include digital assets in my will?

Yes, you can include digital assets in your will. Digital assets can encompass a wide range of items, such as online accounts, digital media, cryptocurrencies, domain names, intellectual property, and more. Including these assets in your will allows you to express your wishes regarding their management and distribution after your passing.

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Identify Your Digital Assets: Begin by creating an inventory of your digital assets. This includes listing all relevant online accounts, email accounts, social media profiles, websites, blogs, online storage, digital files, cryptocurrencies, and any other valuable digital assets you possess.
  2. Appoint a Digital Executor: Designate a trusted individual as your digital executor or digital asset trustee in your will. This person should be tech-savvy and capable of handling your digital assets according to your wishes. They will be responsible for managing and distributing your digital assets as specified in your will.
  3. Nominate a Contact: Some companies, for example Facebook and Apple, allow you to nominate a person to deal with your account once you have passed away, they’re usually referred to as a ‘legacy contact’. You should make enquiries to see if you can nominate someone on your account.
  4. Provide Access Information: In your will, include instructions on how to access your digital assets. This may involve sharing passwords, encryption keys, or other necessary access credentials with your digital executor. Ensure this information is kept secure and updated regularly, and ensure you are not in breach of any T&C’s before doing so.
  5. Specify Your Wishes: Clearly express your wishes regarding the management and distribution of your digital assets. Specify who should inherit or have access to specific digital assets and how they should be handled. For example, you may want certain online accounts to be closed, transferred to others, or preserved as a digital legacy.
  6. Consider Legal and Practical Considerations: Consult with a legal professional such as ourselves to ensure your digital assets are addressed correctly in your will.

Remember to regularly review and update your will, including the provisions related to your digital assets, as circumstances change. By addressing your digital assets in your will, you can help ensure that your wishes regarding these assets are known and respected your passing.

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