Over the past fifteen years, our specialist legal teams have built up a reputation for our legal work in the renewables sector. Whatever your renewable energy scheme, whether wind, solar, hydro, wave, AD or biomass, our experts are skilled with experience in these areas and can guide you through the entire project from initial heads of terms to due disclosure for funding for the final build out and onward operational transactions.

The challenges the UK faces around global energy security and supply are huge. Combined with the urgent need to address Climate Change and carbon reduction, there is a greater imperative than ever before on finding alternative technologies to meet our future energy needs. There is no law firm better placed in the region to guide you through diversification or access to make the most of the opportunities around renewable energy. We have specialist expertise in:

  • Title Investigation
  • Options and Leases for developers and landowners (Solar, Wind, Biomass, AD)
  • Negotiation of access rights
  • Agreements regarding common land
  • Easements and wayleaves for cables and substation leases
  • S106 and highways agreements

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