A five-part toolkit for those faced with family breakdown in the lockdown – Part Five

8 May 2020

By Brenda Spain, Head of Family Law team

For those in the UK who were considering or had already started the process of divorce, many will still be living together, adding to the pressure of the current lockdown. 

Over the course of this week I have shared a series of five articles covering various aspect of divorce, these will remain on our website should you either wish to revisit them or share them.

In this my final post of the week I cover: 

Domestic Abuse

China experienced a surge in reported domestic abuse during the lockdown, a factor unfortunately being reflected in the UK according to early reports,
so while it may be a very hard call to make, in the current situation it’s more important than ever that you seek support from your professional adviser
or the police if abuse is taking place.

Act if you need help as soon as you possibly can. Reaching out to your advisor and receiving support may just be enough to keep things on a more even keel
while we continue through the lockdown.

If things have gone too far to be resolved receiving advice and support is essential.

You may not be able to speak on the phone or video conference if you are on lockdown with your partner but having an email exchange with your advisor or
a chat on WhatsApp for example can bridge the gap during the current crisis. A number of local Pharmacies are also offering consultation rooms for
anyone in this situation.

Family Lawyers will be making themselves available to their clients in whatever way is needed during the current crisis, as indeed are many organisations
who are there to help you and support you.

I hope that readers have found this series of articles useful and supportive. Remember, our team of specialist family lawyers are here to help, support
and advise even in the current circumstances, if you need us please get in touch.

In case you have missed any of this week’s series, here are the links:

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