Personal Injury Trusts

A Personal Injury Trust can help to prevent compensation for personal injury being taken into account when working out whether a person is entitled to means-tested benefits, either now or in the future.

The government recognises it is unfair for someone to lose their benefits just because they receive compensation for personal injury. Under current rules, the law therefore allows a person to receive compensation and keep their benefits by creating a Personal Injury Trust.

We can advise regarding all aspects of Personal Injury Trusts, including:

  • Whether a Personal Injury Trust is right for you.
  • Who you should name as your trustees.
  • How the funds in the Personal Injury Trust should be managed.
  • How to deal with the DWP and/or your local authority.
  • Taxation and Accounts.
  • Adding and removing trustees.

We can also advise regarding related issues, including Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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